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  1. Has been a while since I have posted anything on the blog - can only say that life and the pandemic have gotten in the way.

    I am still accepting quilts from customers, I have antibac ready for use and adhere to the face mask policy and this has worked well.  Quilts are still being dropped off at Serendipity as well.  

    I now have an instagram page and also a facebook page; am slowly getting to grips with that.  I am going to be updating the website gallery soon with more patterns and photographs - just have to get a huge stock of chocolate to face the ins and outs of updating the pages.

    Sometimes wish I could wave a magic wand and it would be done; but it is all down to user error, unfamiliarity of the system and the words uttered regularly of 'why can't things be logical and simple'.

    Wish me luck. 

  2. Just updating the website with some new quilt photos - bear with me as I pressed the wrong button and it's loaded them as one big slideshow.  Too tired to go back in and edit it all now, so shall work on this at the weekend.  I honestly hadn't realised how many quilts I had quilted reecently until I started uploading the images.

    Enjoy the slideshow in Gallery Page 6 ... you may well need to have a coffee nearby as there are lots of photos!