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  1. I am still accepting quilts - at the present time this can only be done at the Quilting Studio.  When the quilt is dropped off, with social distancing being observed, the quilting can be discussed there and then or by telephone before/after the quilt has been dropped off.  At present most of my clients are giving me free rein as to what to quilt on the quilts - and so lots of new patterns are being quilted.  I hope to update the gallery and pattern pages very soon with all the new ones.  

    Once the quilts are completed the client is contacted to arrange pick up.  The invoice is enclosed with the quilt and payment is via bank transfer.  Social distancing is observed when picking up the quilt.  So far this has worked very well.  

    I know that Serendipity hopes to re-open their doors on Tuesday 16 June to customers again - there will only be 2 customers allowed in the shop at any one time, they must wear face masks (either home made or Serendipity does have some I think), hand sanitising station will be set up by the door and there is a screen at the till.  

    I don't know whether any quilts will be dropped off at Serendipity, but if there are then I will liase with Myriam and Sunny with regards to safely picking them up.

    Keep safe.

  2. I have today had to start putting dates in my 2020 diary - an appointment for the dentist in 3 months' time (ugh).  A necessary evil and, don't get me wrong, my dentist is amazing; but I never look forward to going there.  It was a bit of a shock to realise that it won't be long before we are into 2020.  

    So I am thinking about what I want to achieve next year.   I am going to see if I can track down some craft markets to see which I would like to exhibit at.  It's all about getting The Quilting Studio's name out there.  I plan on adding a shop to the website and also update the website with a few more features.  Time is running away with me at present, but I hope to be able to sit down and concentrate on the website again soon.  

    I also need to work out my teaching schedules for 2020 and design some new quilts.  I am hoping to be able to design, write up and sell the patterns for my new quilts.  Presently I am putting together a new quilt and writing up the instructions as I go.   I will have to invest in some new software to be able to 'explode' blocks that I have designed in EQ8 for pattern instructions, otherwise it is very tiresome trying to draw each triangle, square, block individually.  Will have to do some research into what I need and whether it is right for my computer system and, most importantly, is user friendly!