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  1. We went to Saltram House's Food & Craft Fair over the weekend.  It was a lovely crisp day with no hint of rain.  Am beginning to feel that I will soon be growing web feet with the amount of rain that has been around.  I like cold, crisp, dry days.  

    There were a lot of cars trying to park, but the volunteers were well organised and everyone managed to park.  We weren't sure when it opened, as their website said 9am on Sunday, so we opted for 10am just in case - I also think everyone else had the same idea!

    The food tents were amazing, DH bought himself some chilli paste and a wheel of  lovely Worthy Cheddar.  The craft tent was busy - what I liked was that the items being sold had all been made by the vendors.  Sometimes when you go to these craft fairs there are bought in items being sold - not here.  The variety was good too and there wasn't too many identical vendors either.  

    Definitely one to put in the calendar next year, so if you haven't been before do try and visit.  I can strongly recommend the Hog Roast Rolls with Bacon Jam ....

  2. Thought I would just update the blog to say that I am now in a position to accept new quilts to be quilted.  I have managed to catch up, which I must admit is a nice feeling.  I do so hate letting anyone down and with the big season (we won't mention the 'C" word) nearly upon us, I like to make sure that everything will be done in time for my clients to finish them for present giving.

    Guess what my children are getting this year .... yep, a quilt.  Luckily they appreciate receiving a quilt, and at present I have a few for them to choose from.  I was going to set up a shop on my website to sell my spare quilts; but I am going to take my time in setting this up and don't really want to rush things so I very much doubt that it will be in time for the 'C' season.