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  1. Thought I would just update the blog to say that I am now in a position to accept new quilts to be quilted.  I have managed to catch up, which I must admit is a nice feeling.  I do so hate letting anyone down and with the big season (we won't mention the 'C" word) nearly upon us, I like to make sure that everything will be done in time for my clients to finish them for present giving.

    Guess what my children are getting this year .... yep, a quilt.  Luckily they appreciate receiving a quilt, and at present I have a few for them to choose from.  I was going to set up a shop on my website to sell my spare quilts; but I am going to take my time in setting this up and don't really want to rush things so I very much doubt that it will be in time for the 'C' season.  

  2. Due to the number of quilts that I have to be quilted, I shall not be accepting any new quilts until after 14 November.  Coming up to the gift giving season, I do not want to disappoint anyone by not completing their quilt in time.  I currently have a custom quilt on the longarm that will take me a bit of time to complete and I don't wish to then have to rush the other quilts.  I always make sure that the quilts that I quilt are done to the best of my ability.

    After 14 November please contact me for timescales if you wish to have a quilt quilted.