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A couple of Saturdays ago was Serendipity's open day.  It was very busy and went well with people booking onto their Workshops.  I took some sewing with me, but only managed to thread a needle and then put it down again - so nothing sewn.  

Thank you to Myriam and Sunny for providing a lovely lunch and it was great to see old and new faces at the shop.  Had one or two enquiries about quilting quilts for ladies so shall put these in the work diary for the next couple of months.  

We were all reminiscing about how long we have known each other - Ruth Smith I have known for nearly 20 years having met her at a quilt shop in Surrey; and Myriam and I reckon we have known each other for over 17 years now.  Wow, how time flies when you have good quilting friends - I wouldn't like to guess how many quilts we have all made between us. 

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