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I have designed a new quilt to teach at Serendipity and am currently working on a sample.  I needed quite a bit of background fabric but there wasn't enough on the bolt.  It is a stock fabric and I thought that it would be back in stock fairly quickly - however the supplier has advised that it will take 6-8 weeks to get it back in.  Agghhh.

I have made 3/4 of the quilt and just need more of the background fabric to finish off some new blocks.  So I went internet trawling - I rang the supplier to see if they could advise who else had stock of this fabric - I then spent 3 hours ringing round and no-one had it.  I managed to find it in Holland, so sent an email to them - but I haven't heard anything back.

So I either wait 6-8 weeks, hope to hear from Holland or I will have to buy the fabric from the USA ..... 

The upside is that it has given me time to tweak the pattern, write out the requirements and I am now contemplating offering the pattern for sale.  I will see what the feedback is from the students that will be making the quilt before I publish it.

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