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I am contemplating selling some of my quilts, so am doing some research on where to do this.  I have the opportunity of setting up a 'shop' on my website, so need to look into this more with the company that offer the packages.   When you aren't too website savvy everything takes longer to do and can get frustrating knowing that it is operator error more than anything else!

I have, over the years, made a number of quilts.  Most have been samples for classes that I have taught, others are ones that I have designed and made.  You can only use so many quilts - well that's what DH has been telling me.  My children have the habit of asking if there is a spare quilt that they can give to a friend as a present.  Now whilst most would not appreciate a quilt, their friends do - they have seen me making them for years and also my children have had them on their beds, as covers for settees or used for picnics.  

However the cupboard where they are stored is overflowing and I also have a number of quilt tops of my own that need quilting.  So it might be the time to test the water to see if there is a demand for handmade quilts for sale.  

My previous experience of selling my quilts has been that I have been told they are too expensive (from people who have no idea at the price of quality quilting fabric), that they are too cheap (usually from fellow quilters who do know the price of fabric) or that someone can buy a double quilt from the back of a Sunday Supplement for £60 (those made in sweat shops in poor countries paying the workers something like 5p an hour and disintegrate after the first wash.) 

I am sure there is a market for them, so shall do some more research.  Watch this space.

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