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Recently one of the longarmers that I know well has relocated from Kingsbridge to Oxfordshire.  Another one has closed her business down.  So I wondered how do I reach those that may have used their services.  

I took the plunge and placed an advert in the Quilter's Guild Region 4 magazine.  Region 4 covers the South West and the magazine says that it reaches between 450-500 members.   I thought it would be a good place to start advertising my longarm services in Devon.  The magazine dropped through the letter box the other day and I am really pleased at how the advert has turned out.  

It's knowing where to go to get your business information out there to those that may be interested.  I did have a stand at the Royal William Yard, sharing with a friend, but the organisers say that there is a waiting list for stands as they have too many crafters there.  So I'm on the waiting list and hoping to hear something soon.

I am lucky to have some amazing clients; a number of them have taken my business postcards with them to share with others.  Up until now I have relied mainly on word-of-mouth to gain new clients; but I think I am going to have to be more proactive to move the business forward.  


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