Longarm quilting prices are determined by :

  • the size of your quilt and the complexity of the pattern used
  • any additional work required, i.e. alternations, repairs or adding binding to the finished edge of the quilt

Simple quilting pattern: this is an all-over pattern of one design over the whole quilt - this is also known as edge-to-edge (E2E) or pantograph pattern.  The design is usually lightly quilted.

Complex quilting pattern: this can be a pattern that is more intricate and complicated to stitch out or has a lot of quilting; and will therefore take more time and more thread than a simple pattern.  

Custom quilting is the type of quilting that is customized to suit your quilt, this can include quilting seperate borders, block work and some feather designs.  It also includes freehand work, cross-hatching or stitch-in-the-ditch ruler work.  This type of quilting takes the most amount of time to complete and therefore is the most expensive.  Custom quilting is charged at £30 per hour.

Additional Charges:  If there are any additions required to your quilt, i.e. joining backing fabric together or to enlarge the backing fabric to allow the machine to quilt to the edge of the quilt top, then an additional charge will be incurred.  This is usually discussed with you before any work is carried out on your quilt.   Any repairs to seams coming apart or holes will not be carried out.  Details will be noted and passed to you.

Binding - FRONT ONLY:  Binding can be attached to the front of your quilt, ready for you to fold to the back and then hand finish, for an additional charge.  Dependent on the size of the quilt this will dictate the price for this service.  Please provide the binding ready for stitching on.  

Basting Service:  I do NOT offer a Basting Service.  Serendipity Patchwork & Quilt Shop offers a layering up service at their shop in Bovey Tracey for those that wish to hand quilt - please see their website for details.  

Calculating the quilt price:  There is a minimum charge of £50 for a quilt.  I charge 2p per square inch for simple patterns and 2.5p per square inch for complex / dense patterns.  To get a rough idea of price, measure your quilt top, (e.g. 80" x 90") and make a note of that figure (e.g. 80 x 90 = 7,200).  Now multiply that figure by either the simple pattern or complex pattern square inch price (e.g. 7,200 x 2 = £144.00 or 7,200 x 2.5 = £180.00).  

Please note that each quilt is measured and a price is calculated for that quilt size.  There is no additional charge for thread or bobbins.  All prices are subject to change without notice.  Prices are correct as of June 2023.